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Kenya Primary Education Development Project

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has approved a grant of USD 88.4 million to the Ministry of Education Science and Technology for the Kenya Primary Education Development project. The project covers the following four components:

Component 1: Improving early grade mathematics competencies

Component II: Strengthening Primary school management systems

Component III: Evidence based policy development

Component IV: Project management.

The project is expected to run from year 2015 - 2018. The World Bank is the Supervising Entity. 

Project Beneficiaries

The project beneficiaries include:

  • 6 million pupils in grade 1 and 2 will benefit from improved early grade mathematics Textbooks
  • 40,000 teachers will benefit from new methodologies of early grade mathematics instruction through improved in-service training and regular pedagogical supervision and support
  • 3 million pupils in participating schools will benefit from more effective and present teachers as well as improved teaching-learning inputs
  • Head teachers and BoMs will receive guidance and support in school improvement planning and be empowered to implement plans to improve their school performance
  • Parents and Communities whose aspirations will be met through greater information and enhanced voice in school management for improving quality of education
  • Education system administrators will benefit from improved information and accountability through up to date Education Management Information System (EMIS) data and school audit




video: the school improvement programme (kenya) documentary on  school management and accountability






Facing Forward:Schooling for Learning in the Sub Saharan Africa

Education Quality Dialogues- 2018

Presentation on Provision of Comprehensive Medical Cover for Public Secondary School Students


Project Documents
SIP Priorities
Training Manuals and User Guides
Annual Audit Report of SIP Schools_ Performance by Counties-2018           
SIP Audit Report          
Environmental and Social Management Framework 2019

PRIEDE Newsletter July 2019


Priede Project Financial Management Manual

NASMLA Recommendations to Head Teachers and BoMs December 2016

SIP System Manual

Results Framework as at 30th September, 2017

Funds Disbursed to Counties for implementation of EGM Activities- 3rd Term 2018 PRIEDE Newsletter April 2019 PRIEDE Project Appraisal Document Environmental Management Plan CheckList NEMIS User Manual Report on Stakeholders' Citizen Engagement Analysis
Funds Disbursed to Counties for implementation of Audit -SIP PRIEDE Newsletter January 2019 Communication Strategy      
Funds Disbursed to Counties for implementation of EGM Activities- 3rd Term 2018 PRIEDE Newsletter July 2018 Technical Note June 2018      
Funds Disbursed to Counties for implementation of Audit -SIP  PRIEDE Newsletter 2018  Project Implementation Manual      

National Audit of Sip Schools for Year 2017

Average % score for 4000 SIP Schools

   Aide Memoire March 2018      
Disbursement of Funds to TSC County offices   AIDE MEMOIRE Mid Term Review February-March 2017      
Disbursement of Second Tranche to 2528 Schools in 47 Counties PRIEDE Newletter January 2018   

List of Eligible and Ineligible Priorities

SIP Training Manual Report on Vulnerable and Marginalised Groups
Disbursement of AIEs to 47 Counties as at 30th March 2018 PRIEDE Newsletter October 2017  

Baseline Audit - Categorization of Schools

EGM Facilators Manual
Disbursement of SIP grant to 1254 Schools to 17 Counties PRIEDE Newsletter July 2017

Baseline Audit Compliance Analysis Per County As At 15th April 2017

EGM Training Manual 2018
Disbursement of Funds to Counties to facilitate monitoring and Coordination of SIP- F/Y 2017/18-Quarter 3 & 4 PRIEDE Newsletter April 2017  
SIP GRANT disbursed to 335 Schools PRIEDE Newsletter December 2016  
Disclosure of SIP Grant to SIP Schools Priede Newsletter September 2016  
Disbursement of SIP Grants to 10 Schools-January 2018          
Disbursement of SIP Grant to SIP Schools  
Disbursement of Funds to Counties for Implementation of SIP  
Funds Disbursement to County Priede Project Bank Accounts For Implementation of Quarter 1 Activities (FY 2016/2017)          
List of SIP schools and Funds Disbursed            
Disclosure of SIP Grant to SIP Schools          
Disclosure Audit of SIP           
Disbursement of Funds to Counties for Implementation of Fudiciary Training          
Disbursement of SIP Grant to  3654 SIP schools          
Disbursement of AIE's to Counties F/Y 2016/2017          








































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