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Directorate of Research Science  and Technology

Background information 

the department of research  science and technology (drst), was established as a specialist research and development directorate in the then ministry of research, science and technology (mrs&t), through presidential circular 1/87 of 8th june 1987.


Mandate and Functions

The mandates of the Directorate of Research Science and Technology are as follows

  • Formulate national policies for Science, Technology and innovation.
  • Oversee the implementation of national policies for Science, Technology and innovation by various government agencies.
  • Spearhead bilateral and multilateral cooperation in Science Technology and  Innovation.
  • Coordinate services for science, Technology and innovation across national and County Governments.

The specific functions of the Directorate are:

  • Coordinate the formulation, review and implementation of national policies for Science, Technology and innovations.
  • Facilitate County Governments efforts to formulate, implement and review policies in Science, Technology  and innovation.
  • Determine and advice on human capital skills and training requirements for Science, Technology and Innovation.
  • Initiate, negotiate and participate in strategic international collaborations and partnerships in Science,  technology and innovation.
  • Promote Kenya's science diplomacy in strategic missions abroad
  • Coordinate Implementation of international commitments, programs and projects on science and    technology.
  • Facilitate science, technology and innovation collaboration between national and county governments, industry and academia.
  • Establish and maintain an inventory and observatory system for National Science, technology & Innovation statistics.
  • Coordinate establishment of Science Centers and Museums of Science, Technology and Innovation  Establish and coordinate science and technology and innovation recognition and reward system.
  • Develop monitoring and evaluation systems for science, technology and innovation policies and strategies.

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