Ministry Of Education



Administration_State Department of University and Research


the state department for university education & research comprises of several units which function togeather. the catogory of these units are as listed belkow:-

1. main administration which comprises small units such as hiv aids and gender.

h5红包扫雷搭建教程2. central planning

h5红包扫雷搭建教程3. human resource mangement and development unit

h5红包扫雷搭建教程4. information communication technology unit

h5红包扫雷搭建教程5. finace unit

6. accounts unit

h5红包扫雷搭建教程7. procurement unit

h5红包扫雷搭建教程8. internal audit


all these units work collaboratively in administration in order to achieve its goals.




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