Ministry Of Education


Directorate of Basic Education

directorate of basic education is responsible for coordination and management of programmes and activities in the early childhood development, primary education and teachers training colleges for p1. the specific functions of the directorate is to;

  • Formulate and Implement Policies
  • Strategies and Programmes for Primary Education and Teacher Training
  • Supervise the Management of Basic Education Service Provision Institutions
  • Establish and Maintain an Information Management (database) System for Primary Education
  • Facilitate the Development of Basic Education and Teacher Training Including Pre-primary
  • Early Childhood Development Education
  • Day Care Centres
  • Initiate and Implement Strategic International
  • National and Institutional Collaborations and  Partnerships for Interventions in Basic Education
  • Ensure Implementation of Nomadic Education and Alternative Provision to Basic Education Policies
  • Ensure Prudent Management of Finances and other Resources in Basic Education  Institution
  • Ensure Registration of all Schools and Colleges and Processing of DEBs
  • Teacher and Student Management
  • Coordinate and Supervise  Policies/Strategies on Free Primary Education

primary teacher education

h5红包扫雷搭建教程primary school infrastructure

h5红包扫雷搭建教程water and sanitation and esp programmes

implement sne policy

emergency infrastructure in basic education.

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